Philantropia organizes classroom and online training seminars and webinars.

Erik Detiger, Managing Director of Philantropia, teaches International Fundraising at the Human Rights Advocates Program (HRAP) at Columbia University in New York since 2008, and has run dozens of trainings across the world, as well as 100+ online webinars.

Other previous classroom training workshops have been held around the world. These include:

  • Fundraising from the European Commission (US, India, Nepal)
  • Fundraising from European Institutions (US, India, Nepal, Thailand)
  • Fundraising from US Foundations (Netherlands, India, Nepal, Thailand)
  • Fundraising for Human Rights (US, Tanzania)
  • Fundraising for Women’s Issues (US)
  • Fundraising Strategic Planning (Bhutan)

Philantropia also works closely with our sister organization FundsforNGOs to produce on-line training webinars on a wide variety of topics. Please visit: for a calendar of upcoming webinars.