Our Philosophy

Most of our clients share a single notion: they want to make the world a better place. But they may not know where to begin. Or they may not have the best processes in place. Or they may simply want to work smarter to achieve their goals. At Philantropia we believe anyone can change the world, whether as a funder or an implementing organization. And we are here to help.

The Difference

We help grant seeking organizations with our understanding and practice of key strategic values:


  • Knowledge of institutions and main players engaged in international funding
  • Analysis of the themes and priority countries
  • Evaluation of availability and scale of budgets
  • Understanding of the funding cycles
  • Break down of requirements. 


Timely delivery of project proposals is key to successful fundraising. Funding decisions are made within specific budgetary timelines, and funding cycle leftover resources need to be recommitted. Keeping track of these cycles greatly increases the ability to identify and seize good opportunities.

Contact Management

Possibly the most important aspect of a successful international fundraising strategy is the ability to put your ideas and key experts in front of the right people. Identifying the the full range of key actors (at country, regional, and international levels) and translating these into constructive meetings is incredibly important.

Organizational Reputation

Funding agencies and their staff are by nature risk averse and seek out organizations that can effectively handle grants. Building and maintaining a strong organizational reputation and capacity ensure long-term funding relationships and also open doors to new opportunities.

Cultural Sensitivity

Fundraising techniques often need to be adapted to a style suitable for the funder being approached. Some professionals may not have the full range of knowledge and tools to successfully fundraise across borders. There are many examples of how a good understanding of the environment and local ‘style’ can help lead to success, while a lack of cultural knowledge closes doors.

Fundraising Management Systems

To effectively fundraise in any context requires investment, resources, and systems. Building and maintaining proper fundraising management systems ensure continuity and growth. Contact management, database, proper work planning, and human resource development are all part of such systems.

Private Philanthropy

Individuals considering giving charitable contributions abroad have a range of options from giving one-time donations to establishing a foundation. Philantropia provides expert advice on project selection, development of criteria, and identification of worthwhile projects. Philantropia helps properly judge project quality and capacity. Philantropia also works with a wide international network of consultants and professionals in the philanthropic sector that can be tapped for expertise.